As Our Congresswoman, Juana will:

  • Advocate for public/private partnerships, apprenticeships, and job training programs that support pathways to living wage employment for both young workers entering the field and for workers who need to retrain and change jobs later in their careers.
  • Champion fair wage policies, including a $15 minimum wage, that spur mobility and help families break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and live with dignity.
  • Stand up for organized labor and working families by pushing back against privatization, opposing so-called “right-to-work” laws, and working to expand union membership in every sector.
  • Invest in our infrastructure and put Americans back to work rebuilding and updating our public transportation, railroads, and bridges. Transportation is a civil rights issues, and working parents shouldn’t have to sacrifice time with their families because of long commutes, horrible traffic, and unreliable infrastructure.
  • Advocate for policies that better integrate financial programs and access to fair banking in immigrant communities so families and new small businesses are not reliant on payday lenders. Make basic financial services available through the post office like our Senator, Elizabeth Warren, has proposed.
  • Invest in our vibrant vocational and technical programs and remove regulatory barriers to using these facilities for job training opportunities open to community members.
  • Address barriers women and communities of color face starting businesses; building on Juana’s work in the State House to implement common sense solutions like reducing the LLC filing fee for women and minority owned businesses.
  • Advocate for investments in updated public transportation systems that would support businesses in the district, better connect communities across the Commonwealth, and expand the places where people can live and work with public transportation, including improvements to commuter rail service (to Haverhill, Lowell, and Fitchburg) and other regional transportation.
  • Champion American entrepreneurship by advocating for federal programs that make start up capital and small business loans more accessible for residents of the 3rd