As Our Congresswoman, Juana will:

  • Advocate for adequate and equitable federal funding to support regions impacted by natural disasters.
  • Support regulations that encourage businesses to transition to clean and renewable energy sources.
  • Advocate for investments in green job training to scale and support programs like the Environmental Technical Training Program led by the Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Board in the 3rd  district
  • Advocate to expand the Environmental Protection Agency’s oversight and fight back against Trump’s reckless rollbacks of environment protections by partnering with nations across the globe to set bold commitments to address climate change.
  • Be a proponent for affordable housing and sustainable transportation options that improve access to jobs and housing, including improvements to commuter rail service (to Haverhill, Lowell and Fitchburg) and other regional transportation, including clean transportation alternatives building off of these hubs.
  • Marshall federal support for local initiatives to commit to impactful renewable targets, such as Chelmsford and Littleton’s local initiatives to provide the opportunity for all residents to participate in the benefits for low cost renewables, even if individuals may be renters or not have houses ideally situated for onsite generation.
  • Push Congress to prioritize the dual goals of revitalizing local economies and building the green economy.