BOLD PAC, The national progressive hispanic organization, is backing Juana Matias for Congress in MA-03.

“Juana Matias has dedicated her life to fighting for working people and for an America that leaves no one behind.”



PODER PAC‘s mission is to increase the number of Democratic, Pro-Choice Latinas serving in Congress.

There are eight Latina Democrats currently serving in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Latinas make up less than 2% of the 435 House Members and 1% of the 100 Senators.

They are supporting Juana’s effort to make Congress more reflective of the population and the growing Latino demographic.



NEW POLITICS is a bipartisan organization helping bring a new generation of leadership to politics by helping promising servant leaders run for public office.

They are supporting Juana’s campaign because:

“Juana believes that it’s time we send someone to Congress who will put people over politics. She will fight to ensure every person has an opportunity to achieve the American dream, including access to a first-class education, good paying jobs, and retirement security.”


Latino Victory Fund: The Latino Victory Fund is a progressive political action committee with the mission of growing Latino political power by increasing Latino representation at every level of government – from the school board to the Senate to the White House.

They are supporting Juana’s campaign because:

“Juana Matias understands the challenges facing working families, because she’s lived them. In Congress, she’ll fight to ensure that every family has a fair shot at the American Dream. We’re proud to support her in this effort.”



Justice Democrats: Justice Democrats is a national organization that is dedicated to getting everyday, working people elected to Congress and changing the face of politics.

They are supporting Juana’s campaign because:

“As a working class candidate, Juana knows what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck, to have college debt, and how difficult it is to navigate our healthcare system when a loved one is ill. She is exactly the kind of fighter and voice we need in Washington, and we are thrilled to support her historic campaign for Congress.”

IBEW Local 104:  works behind the lines to elevate the entire outside electrical industry to benefit each of their members, signatory contractors and, ultimately, each and every electrical consumer in the region. They actively support issues that advance employment, moral, intellectual and social conditions in order to protect their members, their families and our communities.

They are supporting Juana’s campaign because:

“Juana knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. In Washington, she’ll stand up against attacks on labor and the middle class, and she’ll bring an agenda that puts us first” said Business Agent Brian Murphy. IBEW Local 104 represents over 1,200 members.


Congressional Black Caucus: works to increase the number of African Americans in the U.S. Congress, support non-Black candidates that champion our interests, and promote African American participation in the political process. There are currently 49 African Americans in Congress comprising the largest Congressional Black Caucus in history. With your financial support we will continue to grow, and expand our voice in key campaigns throughout the country. Please continue to visit our website for the latest updates on our activities around the country.

They are supporting Juana’s campaign because:

“Juana’s story is the embodiment of the American Dream and the CBC PAC is thrilled to endorse her,” said Congressman Meeks. “Juana has dedicated her life to standing up for working families, and she will continue to be their fierce advocate in Congress. Her diverse perspective is sorely needed in Washington, and so is her commitment to the middle-class.The entire CBC PAC has been especially impressed by her strong record of accomplishment in the State House, where she’s taken on Pres. Trump and AG Jeff Sessions’ hateful discriminatory and backwards agenda. Juana has successfully brought together a statewide coalition of progressives, immigrant rights advocates, and law enforcement behind the Safe Communities Act and it’s clear that she will be an outstanding Congresswoman.”

Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera

“I’m incredibly proud to support Juana Matias in her run for Congress. As a first-generation American, Juana knows what it means to work hard for the American Dream. She has spent her life serving others, tirelessly fighting for families. As our State Representative, she’s been a leader, a relentless advocate and positive force for change who understands what it takes to create good, 21st century jobs and ensure every kid has access to a great school. Although I’ll be sad to lose her voice in the State House, I’m thrilled that veterans, and families across this District will have the opportunity to have Juana fighting on our behalf in Congress. It’s been 31 years since Lawrence has sent someone to defend it in Congress, it is way past time and every community in the 3rd District would have a great member of Congress in Juana!”


Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragán

“I am excited to endorse Juana Matias in her campaign for Congress,” Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragán said.”Juana and I share similar stories, and have fought hard our entire lives to have a seat at the table, and ensure our communities’ voices are heard — no matter the barriers we faced. As a member of Congress, I know Juana would be a strong advocate for working families, and an ally in the resistance to this administration. I look forward to calling her a colleague soon.”



Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

“I am proud to endorse Juana Matias in her campaign for Congress,” said Congresswoman Sanchez (D-CA), the Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus. “Juana’s story is relatable to so many people across this country, and when I first met her, I was inspired by her drive and passion to create better opportunities for working people. Juana truly embodies the next generation of leaders we need in Washington, and I can’t wait to call her a colleague in Congress.”



State Representative Frank Moran

“Serving alongside Juana Matias on Beacon Hill has been an absolute honor and I am proud to endorse her campaign for Congress. Juana is one of the most dedicated public servants I know and a fighter for working people. Already, she’s led on legislation that will make our communities safer and expand economic opportunity for all. Although I’ll miss her as a colleague in the State House, she will fight harder than anyone else for our communities and I know she is exactly who we need representing us in Congress.”


Image result for ma state rep pat haddad

State Representative Pat Haddad

“Juana came into the State House ready to work for her constituents and the people of this commonwealth, and she’s dedicated every day since then to bringing people together, finding solutions to our toughest problems, and putting working families first. As a member of Congress, I know she’ll work tirelessly with our delegation to make progress for our communities and is someone everyone in Massachusetts would be proud to see in our nation’s capital.”



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State Representative Sarah Peake

“Juana is a powerhouse, and I am so excited to endorse her in her campaign for Congress,” Peake said. “She has established herself as one of the hardest working legislators, and has an ability to work with people of every opinion and background to bring progress to her community and constituents. She will make a great addition to our delegation, and an amazing congresswoman for working people across the Third District.”


State Representative Claire Cronin

“She established herself early on as a strong advocate for those who don’t have a voice at our State House, and it has been an immense pleasure to work alongside her, get to know her, and now cheer her on in her historic campaign to represent the Third District as their next Congresswoman.”

State Representative Marjorie Decker



State Representative Joan Meschino